First Site – First Trip – Diver Wear Proves the Need for Action

Once we got the diving vessel Vuoksi of Nousu ry. into the water after an exceptionally cold spring, the first prestudy trip was made 23.5.2018 to the planned “first site” of the Träskö-project i.e. to the Stora Träskö island’s northern reef, where Alko and Barrel wrecks lie. It was soon discovered, that a small buoy was again attached to the capstan of the Alko wreck, which had been dragged to the stern of the shipwreck the summer before. Likewise, some makeshift lines were placed between the Alko & Barrel wrecks and the reef itself. None of these were properly marked, guided or attached. The extensive mooring damage to the Barrel wreck (as mentioned in the project plan) was observed. All this verified the need for action very well both in terms of protection and accessibility – not to mention dive safety.



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Current author of this site, Markku Luoto, has been scuba diving since the late 80’s and became involved with marine archaeology in the 90’s as a student in the University of Helsinki. In turn of the millennia, he participated in the building of the Gustav Adolf Wreck Park in Helsinki as a volunteer diver. After the “rush hour years”, he rediscovered scuba diving through his sons, which left him wondering, why the wreck park concept had not hit the mainstream like the reef protection initiatives elsewhere? Thanks to the active dive club Nousu ry, his idea of adopting the wrecks around Stora Träskö island in Porkkala was met with great enthusiasm and the rest – as we now know – will be history 🙂