First Site – Seventh Trip – Planning the Tour

Our seventh trip on 30.6.2018 to the first wreck park site was very productive. We found more frames of the clinker wreck, found a boom or gaff of the rigging and planned the wreck tour on the Barrel wreck. On the short helmet video below, one can see three to four stepped frames of a clinker built vessel. According to one viking ship specialist, they somewhat resemble the frames of the viking ship known as Skuldelev 3. More research and dating is needed of course, before any valid interpretations should be made.

Below is the first plan for a “park tour” on the Barrel wreck. Needless to say, this is just the first preliminary version on most likely will be cahned without warning :-). The project team is very gratefull for any feed back of it.

Ver. 1,0 for the park tour plan on the Barrel wreck














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Current author of this site, Markku Luoto, has been scuba diving since the late 80’s and became involved with marine archaeology in the 90’s as a student in the University of Helsinki. In turn of the millennia, he participated in the building of the Gustav Adolf Wreck Park in Helsinki as a volunteer diver. After the “rush hour years”, he rediscovered scuba diving through his sons, which left him wondering, why the wreck park concept had not hit the mainstream like the reef protection initiatives elsewhere? Thanks to the active dive club Nousu ry, his idea of adopting the wrecks around Stora Träskö island in Porkkala was met with great enthusiasm and the rest – as we now know – will be history 🙂