First Site – Fifth Trip – Searching for Ruoto Wreck

On the Fifth trip to the first site on 14.6.2018 we had a Maritime Archaeologists Kalle Virtanen on board. He verified the Cannonside wreck site to be that of a hull fragment of a war ship and not an individual vessel. Thus the name “Tykkijolla” (Cannon sloop) for this wreck site can be scratched for good. Here you can watch Markku’s “helmet video” of a 25 min. dive to Cannonside wreck with Kalle Virtanen.

Kalle and Topi preparing for the dive
Rönnskär and its historic light house
Divers in the water

The primary goal of this trip was, however, to investigate the potential wreck site between Alko and Barrel wrecks known as Ruoto Wreck (Skeleton wreck). Markku Luoto surveyed the prospected area, but found only some separate wood remnants in the vicinity of the Alko wreck. No keel or hull frames were found. This casts a serious doubt to the existence of the Ruoto wreck, as the area is dived a lot and not a single verifiable find – nor a picture – of a vessel skeleton has been found. Topi Sellman did some initial videomosaic of the area and for the sake of inventory the whole find area will be made into a unanimous mosaic in the future.





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Current author of this site, Markku Luoto, has been scuba diving since the late 80’s and became involved with marine archaeology in the 90’s as a student in the University of Helsinki. In turn of the millennia, he participated in the building of the Gustav Adolf Wreck Park in Helsinki as a volunteer diver. After the “rush hour years”, he rediscovered scuba diving through his sons, which left him wondering, why the wreck park concept had not hit the mainstream like the reef protection initiatives elsewhere? Thanks to the active dive club Nousu ry, his idea of adopting the wrecks around Stora Träskö island in Porkkala was met with great enthusiasm and the rest – as we now know – will be history 🙂